Plum Creek Assisted Living
and Plum Creek Luxury
If you receive a call on Marks Rd with an you
will be responding to Plum Creek Luxury If
you receive a call on Marks Rd with an
Apartments, which actually has a roadway off
address between 899 and 911 Marks Rd, of
Marks, but all are considered a Marks Rd.
address. The new Plum Creek Assisted
Living is 891 Marks Rd.
I've seen many If you are new or relatively new to the fire a rookie come onto
the job, especially over the past few years, and act like they've been there 15
years. So how do you act and what is the right way to make a good
impression? Well, take a read of the article below. It was printed by the
"Nozzlehead" in Fire-Rescue magazine. It is the BEST article I have ever read
when it comes to how new firefighters should act. If you aren't doing the
majority of the items in this list, you might be doing things wrong. (He has 49
tips to follow)
Shut Up And Train More
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FIRE.Gov Newsletter
Since 2001, NIST and USFA have
teamed up to produce an on-line
newsletter at FIRE.GOV that contains
easy to read articles describing
ongoing research activities around the
world.  The newsletter contains contact
information and links to the specific
researchers and organizations
involved in the research
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NFPA News is a free newsletter providing detailed information on
NFPA codes and standards activities. NFPA News typically includes
special announcements, notification of proposal and comment
closing dates, requests for comments on NFPA documents,
Amendments (TIAs), Errata, and notice of the availability of
Standards Council minutes.
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January 9th, 2012
Why Is It Important To Train On Pump Operations ?
This is why....
....."We know there was a delay of 5 minutes of pressurized water to the fire line at the side
door, which also delayed entry into the building. The cause of delay was an incorrect
pumping procedure," said Kenny Clemens, president of the West Platte Fire Board. The
board asked the Riverside, Missouri, Fire Captain Dave Johnson to review the video to
study the department's procedures......

"The firefighter that was assigned the pumping the fire was not 100 percent familiar with
the apparatus, and the error occurred," said Capt. Johnson, who says that by his
assessment, it took over eight minutes for water to be put on the fire.
The need for